//DTECH DT-7060 HDMI H.264 Wireless Extender 50M

DTECH DT-7060 HDMI H.264 Wireless Extender 50M


DTECH DT-7060 HDMI H.264 Wireless Extender 50M

Wireless HDMI extender with a standard Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, through wireless WIFI signal transmission HD audio and video signal, which can realize the one-to-many application, at the same time, with infrared extensions to make remote control more convenient.The equipment has excellent image processing and transmission capacity, makes signal transmission more smooth and steady, is a kind of economic and efficient way of HDMI signal extension.







DTECH HDMI  H.264 Wireless extender 50M


1. HDMI video and audio transmission via wireless WIFI, up to 50M;

2. Support HD video signal resolution up to 1920*1080@60HZ;

3. HDMI 1.3 compatible;

4. Support remote control switch video source;

5. Special format is used to compress and decompress video,effectively improve the transfer efficiency, to ensure that the        playback fluency;

6. In accordance with standard 1.2 HDCP,high-bandwidth digital content protection technology;

7. Support external remote infrared extension,easy to operate the remote device;

8. Able to automatically identify and configure a variety of display mode;

9. Built-in automatic balance system,the picture is fluent, clear and stable;

10. The built-in ESD electrostatic protection circuit, comparehensive security protection system;

11. Simple and convenient installation,plug and play, do not need to set up.




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